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Data Center Operator

Data center operators write standard operating procedures for their data centers and maintain all systems’ configurations. They also run all scheduled jobs, as instructed by their supervisors. Data center operators research and evaluate software and hardware systems, based on industry trends, and plan routine maintenance of all hardware equipment. Resolving customer service support issues from clients and employees and monitoring the functionality of local area networks, or LANs, and data communications are other important responsibilities of data center operators.

Data Center Environment

Many data center operators work regular office hours, but because data centers run 24 hours per day, they may need to work evenings and weekends. They may also need to be on call to work when technical problems occur. Because of the importance of network systems in most corporate settings, the job of a data center operator can get stressful. Operators also spend many hours on their feet, checking all aspects of vast computer network appliances.

Did You Know?

According to some sources, the average data center operator earns $63,000 per year…

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