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This year, International Data Center Day takes place on Tuesday, October 29th.

We invite students, parents, teachers, academia, industry, and municipalities to celebrate the data center industry with everyone in the mission critical profession.  Participation can occur in a number of ways:

Parents and Teachers

When it comes to creativity, elementary and high school students are no strangers to coming up with interesting ideas. From drawings to essays to sculptures made with found objects, we’d love to see what your children come up with.


The best way to participate is by letting us know what scholarship opportunities exist at your school that will help future students pursue a career in the data center industry.


From participating in our mentoring program to offering tours of data centers to posting one of our badges on your site, industry professionals can share the wide world of data centers with the next generation.

Ways to Participate


Nothing says “We Celebrate International Data Center Day” like announcing your support for the data center industry in your town, city, or region.

How to Participate


Share our story with your readers on your website and social media outlets!

Celebrate with Us

“Celebrating International Data Center Day raises awareness and ensures the future of the mission critical industry. We encourage parents, teachers, industry partners, and municipalities to join us in making October 29th a special day.”

Lillian Rivera
Marketing Director
Primary Integration

Let's Get Started!

Make it easy for your school, company, or organization to celebrate with us.

Did You Know?

According to some forecasts, there will be 75 billion internet connected devices by 2025!

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