Adopt a School

Adopt a School

Adopting a local school can begin in many ways!

Perhaps it is through personal contacts, Public Relations programs at your company, talking with your children’s teachers at open houses, or reaching out to after school programs in your area.

If each mission critical organization adopts a local school, imagine how many students might consider a career in the mission critical field.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Number 1Contact a local school administrator, guidance counselor or teacher. Let them know you represent a mission critical organization and that you would like to meet.

Number 2Use our collection of resources, including our What is a Data Center presentation, our video library, and other materials to prepare a presentation for the school.

Number 3Be sure to let us know about your efforts so we can mention them. Take photos so we can post it on the International Data Center Day website.

Additional 7×24 Exchange Resources

Feel free to utilize these free resources to help support your Adopt a School initiatives.


Comic Book Series highlighting the roles in the Data Center industry

IT: The Next Frontier (

Children’s Book “What is a Data Center?”

Need Help? No Problem...

We’re here to help you get information and find other ways to participate. And, we love new ideas, so if you have some, feel free to share!

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