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Data Centers are home to most of the apps we all use every single day…


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International Data Center Day: Planning for the Future

7×24 Exchange and the International Data Center Day team hope that you and your families remain safe and healthy given the global efforts to contain the COVID-19 virus. With the shift of many schools to online learning, companies can now easily host virtual events to educate students about Data Centers.  After all, International Data Center Day is not just a day, it’s designed to create awareness year round. Additionally, we have prepared a number of educational resources that may be useful given the shift towards online learning.  They can be used as instructional materials for classes, fun “at home” projects, and social media projects. Be sure to post your celebration messages on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., and be sure to tag us using #intldatacenterday. If you need artwork or memes, feel free to visit our Co-Marketing Center.

Celebrate International Data Center Day

International Data Center Day is designed to create awareness of the data center industry
and to inspire the next generation of talent.

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What is a Data Center?

Everything you do online, from Amazon to Zelda, lives on computers and those computers live in a building called a Data Center…


How do I get Involved?

There are many ways to get involved with International Data Center Day from hosting an event, providing educational resources, sponsorship and much more…


What is our Mission?

International Data Center Day connects our industry with future generations to ensure continuous support for years to come…

Educational Resources and Information

Elementary School ThumbnailElementary School

Use these educational resources to prepare elementary school students for new technology and a brighter future.

High School ThumbnailHigh School

Invest in the future of our high school students by introducing them to a field where they can find themselves moving toward a cool career.

College ThumbnailCollege

Get more information on college programs and technology systems they will encounter when pursuing a data center career.

8.4 M+

Data Centers Worldwide

75 B+

Smart Devices in Use by 2025

Career Tree ThumbnailCareer Tree
Working in a Data Center

Want a cool job? Look no further because we have the coolest careers in tech… Literally! Whether it is working with computers in super cooled buildings or creating the next Snapchat, data center jobs are where its at…

Data ArchitectureFeatured Occupation
Data Architect

These tech professionals are responsible for the complicated processes essential to making strategic business decisions within data centers.

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