Draw a Data Center of Tomorrow

As you may have learned by going through this site or working with your teacher, a data center is a state-of-the-art building or other structure that stores computers and other components like communication systems and storage systems.

These buildings have to work all of the time because so many people – including you and me – depend on them. You see, data centers store everything from video game-saving points to bank records, to music, TV shows, Snapchat pictures… almost everything that is digital!

In addition, these buildings strive to be energy efficient, secure, and modern – but also they can be hidden from plain sight.

They can also be underwater or in the sky, or in a tower, or castle! They can be big, small or somewhere in-between! Who knows, they might even be inside of something that flies around.


With your understanding of what a data center does, draw one that looks like it is from the future… or, if you prefer, maybe it looks like it is from the past! Be sure to think of what information the data center holds. Maybe it looks like a spaceship or a castle or even a monster.

You’ll Need the Following to Get Started

  • Review the information on this page.
  • Your imagination
  • Drawing instruments like crayons, color pencils, markers, or drawing software
  • Something to draw on… a napkin, piece of paper, etc.
  • Something to scan your drawing so you can have your teacher or parent upload it to our gallery
Data Center of Tomorrow Drawing

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