Draw a Picture of the Cloud

So, the ‘cloud’ is really shorthand for ‘cloud computing’ which really means it is using a bunch of Internet-connected computers to store and retrieve data from almost any location.  It’s not really puffy clouds that are in the sky… Well, it’s possible that some clouds could be located in an airplane that flies through clouds.

All of the computers that form the cloud generally live in some kind of data center (here on the ground).

One example of the cloud is when you take a photo on your mobile phone. Almost immediately, a copy of it is saved on the cloud, which really means it is saved on one or more computers so that you can retrieve it later if you need it. Likewise, your apps and games are also stored in the cloud so that you can reload them if you lose them.

The opposite of cloud computing, kind of, is when you have something stored on your own device or computer in your home and it is not available everywhere.

The basic idea is that, like clouds in the sky, the cloud is everywhere, and thus your stuff that is saved on the cloud is also everywhere. Pretty neat, right?


Use your imagination to draw a photo of what the cloud might look like. You can make it futuristic, or inside clouds, or from the past (imagine what a cloud might look like from 4,000 years ago!). The sky is the limit!

You’ll Need the Following to Get Started

  • Your imagination
  • Drawing instruments
  • Paper or something else to draw on
  • A scanner or phone to capture a photo of your drawing
Picture of the Cloud

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