Draw a Data Superhero

Everyone likes a superhero! Since the early days of comics, the stories of heroism and bravery stir the imagination, even today. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, superheros are cool.

So, in the same way that many superheros are super strong and really fast and shoot laser beams, Data Centers are super strong with lightning-fast connections to the Internet… And even have laser beams! Some even live underwater like that one popular superhero. They have tons of energy and even have backup power… Like when that super spider guy has to dig deep to lift an airplane.

Imagine that we could take all of the traits of a Data Center and put it into a super hero. How did he or she get their powers, what powers would they have, what is their alter ego, how would they dress? Would they have a cape or not?

Or, maybe they are regular people who do heroic deeds.


Use your imagination to draw a hero or superhero that is inspired from what a Data Center does. Be sure to color it and give him or her a name. Bonus kudos for listing their data-inspired superpowers…

What You Need from Your Utility Belt

  • Your Imagination
  • Drawing and Coloring instruments, or maybe a drawing program on a computer
  • Paper or something else to draw on
  • Scanner or Cell Phone to Take a Photo
  • A computer or cell phone with an Internet connection to upload your photo

Upload Your Drawing

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