Uptime Institute Crossword Puzzle

Our Industry partners at Uptime Institute have created a data center crossword puzzle that is quite fun and challenging. Teachers, parents and students can download and fill out the crossword puzzle as an activity to learn more about the mission critical industry.

A crossword (or crossword puzzle) is a word game consisting of a grid of black and white squares, into which solvers enter words or phrases (“entries”) crossing each other horizontally (“across”) and vertically (“down”) according to a set of clues. Each white square is typically filled with one letter, while the black squares are used to separate entries. The first white square in each entry is typically numbered to correspond to its clue.

Crosswords commonly appear in newspapers and magazines. The earliest crosswords that resemble their modern form were popularized by the New York World in the 1910s. Many variants of crosswords are popular around the world, including cryptic crosswords and many language-specific variants.

(Description from Wikipedia)


Puzzle Thumbnail
The Uptime Institute Crossword Puzzle was created by Amber Villegas-Williamson.

Get Started on Your Journey

  • You will need a computer or other device to look up information based on the prompts.
  • You will need a way to print the crossword puzzle.

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